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M I S S I O N:

Welcome authors, fans, and readers who are interested in the best new speculative fiction from emerging writers around the globe. In seven short years, Silverthought has grown from a modest single-page website showcasing a handful of works-in-progress to an expansive and respected player in the world of independent publishing. From its early days with half a dozen like-minded sci-fi writers, Silverthought has fought its way to the top of the slushpile on the talent and enthusiasm of over one hundred writers in eight countries. Today, Silverthought.com is updated regularly with new fiction that is available free to anyone with an internet connection. The best of the online submissions are considered for publication through ST's print division.

Since 2005, Silverthought Press has released seven print novels and three anthologies of short fiction. In addition to critical praise, Silverthought publications have been honored by competitions such as the Independent Publisher Book Awards, the DIY Book Festival Awards, and the New York Book Festival Awards.

Beginning in 2006, the leadership of founder and award-winning writer Paul Hughes was augmented by the formation of the Silverthought Staff. The staff currently consists of Mark Brand, Becci Noblit Goodall, Russell Lutz, Scott Lyerly, and Andy Laughton. Working as a team over a number of months, Silverthought has grown into a well-managed, first-rate publishing house. As published writers and artists, we respect and value the process of independent creation. Our goal is to offer a creative community that provides space for writers on the intelligent creative edge. We don't consider mainstream presses to be our competition because of the compromises they require of writers/artists.

Our mission is to provide writers, fans, and critics a venue to explore a genre of fiction that is often watered down by Hollywood mass-marketing and politically-correct corporate publishing houses. We are to the world of sci-fi and speculative fiction what the Sundance Film Festival is to the motion picture industry. We seek the best in speculative talent; we take chances on unorthodox writers.

Silverthought provides a variety of advantages that cannot be found elsewhere. First, there is ample feedback to budding authors in the form of writing clinics, peer critiques, regular reviews from the staff, and (if your stories are good enough) professional editing services for publication under the Silverthought imprint. Second, Silverthought is a well-known and well-respected feather in any writer’s cap. With thousands of unique visitors each month and exposure through marketing strategies implemented by the staff, Silverthought works diligently to get the stories into the hands of the fans. Finally, and most importantly, Silverthought.com offers an unmatched community in the form of an active and lively online community. Even if you’re not a writer, we encourage you to join the forum just to chat and see what all the fuss is about.

Whether you are a young author with your first "good one" on your hands or a seasoned author with a rip-roaring novel that’s dying to be read, we encourage you to submit your work and join the next big thing in speculative fiction.


S T A F F:

Paul Hughes, Executive Editor

Paul Hughes founded the online division of Silverthought in January 2001 and debuted the print division in September 2005. As executive editor of Silverthought, he is responsible for evaluating all incoming online submissions and print manuscripts, assembling site updates, editing and generation of print-ready manuscripts for the press, warehousing and distribution of books, forum co-administration, media relations, etc. He pays the bills and writes the royalty checks. For more information, visit: www.paulevanhughes.com.

Mark R. Brand, Associate Editor

Mark R. Brand cut his teeth for several months in the Silverthought Staff as the Chief Reviewer, a post now divided between him and the other associate editors. In that time, he wrote over 100 critical reviews of Silverthought submissions, as well as penning a number of his own stories. He currently functions on the Silverthought staff in an organizational capacity, chairing the weekly staff meetings as well as keeping track of current staff projects and events. He continues to coordinate the reviews of Silverthought material and is working on his new novel, a story about a mail-order bride, terrorism, and the collapse of the United States. For a wealth of info about Mark, visit his webpage at www.vinniethevole.com and read several of his stories in the Silverthought archive.

Becci Noblit Goodall, Associate Editor

Becci Noblit Goodall has been a poet since the first grade but didn't take it seriously until thirty years later when her poem "Cat Eyes" was published in the Beat Mag CokeFish/AlphaBeat Press alongside the likes of Kerouac and Ginsburg. After that she was published in numerous poetry venues. In 2001 she wrote her first short story about a fashionista who was obsessed with Versace's murder. This was published in Kvasir Magazine. This dabbling led to the novel Chaise, published in 2007. In 2002 Goodall wrote the play Budussy, which was put on by the theater company at Juniata College. She has also written freelance fiction off and on for Adbuster's Magazine and had a children's book published two years ago called Funky Eyes. She is currently shopping a poetic memoir, Frozzen Niagra, under a pseudonym. Oddest writing jag was a cool project writing liner notes for 60s folk singer Maria Muldair (sang backup for Bob Dylan). Goodall's favorite writing project and next to be completed is the speculative fiction work Megan's Closet, which is a collaboration with authors Mark Brand and Paul Hughes.

Russell Lutz, Associate Editor

Associate Editor Russell Lutz can barely remember back when he was the newest member of the Silverthought staff. His first novel, Iota Cycle, won the DIY Book Festival award for Best Science Fiction Novel, and an Honorable Mention at the New York Book Festival. His newest novel, The Department of Off World Affairs, is scheduled for release in 2008. He has also published a dozen or so short stories in print and online. He plans to add more to both of these categories until someone tells him to stop. He provides for Silverthought a much-needed West Coast presence, and all of the laid-backness that implies.

Scott Lyerly, Associate Editor

Scott Lyerly's work has appeared in several small print and online journals. His first novel, How It Ends, is due to be released in 2008. He lives, works, and writes in Massachusetts. Visit his website at http://webpages.charter.net/thelyerlys/index.htm.

Andy Laughton, Forum Administrator

Anders Laughton is a web developer Vermont. As forum administrator, he oversees the day-to-day operations of the Silverthought Forum and assists Paul Hughes in all technical aspects of ST. A recovering technical writer whose new media readers have received critical praise and industry awards, Andy isn't afraid to call anyone an asshat. He enjoys long walks on the beach and banning people from message boards.


In addition to these ST Staff members, we periodically outsource work such as cover design and interior illustration. Silverthought has worked with cover designers Len Nicholas, E.B. Lutz, and Darren Whalen and illustrator Alex McVey. If you are interested in working with ST, please send a query and a link to your portfolio to Paul Hughes. We'll inform you of any upcoming design opportunities. Anticipated needs, ongoing: cover design, interior illustration.


A W A R D S  |  H O N O R S:

A Dark and Deadly Valley, edited by Mike Heffernan: Bronze Medal, 2008 Independent Publisher Book Award for Horror

Iota Cycle by Russell Lutz: Honorable Mention, 2007 New York Book Festival Awards

Red Ivy Afternoon by Mark R. Brand: Bronze Medal, 2007 Independent Publisher Book Award for Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Iota Cycle by Russell Lutz: Winner, 2006 DIY Book Festival Award for Science Fiction

Silverthought: Ignition, a speculative fiction anthology, edited by Paul Hughes: Semi-Finalist, 2006 Independent Publisher Book Award for Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Broken: A Plague Journal by Paul Hughes: Finalist, 2006 Independent Publisher Book Award for Fantasy/Sci-Fi

An End by Paul Hughes: Winner, 2003 Independent Publisher Book Award for Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Enemy by Paul Hughes: Winner, 2002 Booksurge Editors' Choice Award


C O N T A C T:

Executive Editor:
Paul Hughes
contact: editor@silverthought.com
Associate Editors:

Mark Brand
contact: mark.brand@silverthought.com

Becci Noblit Goodall
contact: becci.goodall@silverthought.com

Russell Lutz
contact: russell.lutz@silverthought.com

Scott Lyerly
contact: scott.lyerly@silverthought.com

Forum Administrator:
Andy Laughton
contact: anders.laughton@silverthought.com


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