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David S. Grant was born in West Allis, WI. David's first novel, Corporate Porn, was published in 2005 by Silverthought Press. Major writing influences include Bret Easton Ellis, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Chuck Palahniuk, and Hunter S. Thompson. David has also published several short fiction pieces with various literary journals and websites including The Writing Journal, The Reader's Retreat, The Falling Star Magazine, The Sink, and Lifted Magazine. Grant has three corporate degrees and now lives and works in New York City. He is currently working on a prequel to Bleach titled Bliss. For more information, please visit David's website at:


O F F E N S E  |  M E C H A N I S M S
   fiction from the bleed


—two novels by David S. Grant

in one Offense Mechanisms edition

[read excerpts: Bleach | Blackout]


This is a story about living.

Fans of fluffy romance novels and that all-too-familiar, over-hyped, edge-of-the-seat crap should steer clear. This is life at its most jaded. Offense Mechanisms is proud to present Bleach | Blackout by David S. Grant, two novels about drugs, sex, revenge, the corporate crunch, and the inevitable unpleasantness of life and death. Bleach and Blackout are presented here in one double format (tête-bêche) volume.

BLEACH opens during the last sixty seconds of 2003 in a bathroom where Jeremy, our jaded navigator through the endless repulsiveness of the world, watches a girl lay dying. Before diving into an explanation of what the hell is going on, Jeremy doubles back eight days. The entire story builds up to the climax of Sharon Winkler's infamous annual New Year's Eve party, where all the men are dressed as prostitutes, all the women look like pimps, decadence and debauchery dictate the rules, and the next guy through the door is sure to have a gun.

Written in a cynical voice that rings true with today's young business class, Bleach is a story that encompasses the sentiments of a generation while examining the meaning of life in a world driven by greed.

BLACKOUT begins in Las Vegas, where Stoner and friends celebrate his bachelor party in a blur of strippers, crack cocaine, a little Thai, and Nic Cage. The next morning in Los Angeles brings an unwelcome surprise when Stoner's friends Chip and Jeremy wake to find police officers and a dead body for which they are allegedly responsible. Chip is charged with murder and his trial is being fast-tracked... What would Steven Tyler do?

Beneath the stories of hangovers and death, this is a story about living for the moment and having a story to tell. Blackout is a fast-paced ride that will leave you wanting more—and maybe a cold beer.

two novels by David S. Grant

Publisher: Offense Mechanisms

ISBN-10: 0-9815191-0-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-9815191-0-4

312 pages

paperback: $14.99 $19.99 + S/H

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