Breakfast with the Author: Episode 4
Mark Brand with
Russell Lutz, Len Nicholas, and Paul Hughes

Silverthought Press is pleased to present the fourth installment of “Breakfast with the Author,” an episodic, guerrilla-media-style video podcast show featuring independent writers, critics, and industry professionals having breakfast with Mark Brand and talking shop. 

Breakfast With the Author: Episode 4, hosted by Mark Brand
Guests: Russell Lutz, Len Nicholas, and Paul Hughes

About our guests:

Russell Lutz's first novel, Iota Cycle, received First Place in Science Fiction at the DIY Book Festival in 2006. He also received an Honorable Mention at the New York Book Festival. His second novel, The Department of Off World Affairs, was released in 2008. He lived in Illinois, Texas, and Massachusetts before settling down in Seattle, despite his lack of interest in grunge music or coffee. There he continues to write and edit speculative fiction.

Len Nicholas's cover designs have graced many a Silverthought title, including Silverthought: Ignition, Corporate Porn, The Perfect Revolution, and Thank You, Death Robot. He and Paul will someday be in-laws.

Paul Hughes is still disappointed with his toast.


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