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S I L V E R T H O U G H T  P R E S S
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by Paul Evan Hughes

Finalist, 2006 Independent Publisher Book Award for Fantasy/Science Fiction

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Bracketing those dead to us, delineating the forms and histories of our desires, in a breath, in tears, in the pattern two opposing collections of striation compose in the catalytic reaction of palm to palm, all physics are bent, and all probabilities, all convenient presuppositions and extrapolations of futures not yet lived are erased: all we have is now, this moment, this beautiful, fragile moment, and

Broken, the third and final installment of the silverthought trilogy by Paul Evan Hughes, is the shattered, non-linear depiction of the author's struggle to make amends for the war-torn realities he has written into existence. Equal parts Enemy and An End, Broken merges the rich, horrifying universes of the previous installments of silverthought into one cohesive transgression.

Readers of Enemy (Booksurge Editor's Choice, 2002) and An End (winner, Independent Publisher Book Award for Fantasy/Sci-Fi, 2003) will recognize characters and places from those stories thrust into a new war within the author's collapsing mind. Part love letter, part handbook for the apocalypse, and part confession, the lines between good and evil, love and hate, and reality and dream blur to a hesitant gray. There are no easy answers to the recurring questions: Why Seattle? What internal mathematics, what broken calculus, defines the boundaries of our sanity? How can we so easily destroy that which we love the most? broken is an extended meditation on how the way we walk through life brings into existence countless universes of uncertain design and the silver latticework that binds us across pasts and futures. Where does the fiction end and reality begin?

Speculative fiction, metafiction, transgressive fiction... Broken is a fragile narrative that defies definition and cuts to the heart.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Paul Evan Hughes writes in Philadelphia, NY.

B R O K E N 
by Paul Evan Hughes

Publisher: Silverthought Press

ISBN: 0-9774110-1-X 

340 pages

hardcover: $16.99 $17.47 + S/H

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