David S. Grant
author of
Bleach, Hollywood Ending, and Corporate Porn

David S. Grant, the author of the novel Corporate Porn (Winter 2006, Silverthought Press), was born in West Allis, WI. David's first novel, Bleach, was published in April 2004. David has also published several short fiction pieces with various literary journals and websites including The Writing Journal, Silverthought, The Reader's Retreat, The Falling Star Magazine, The Sink, and Lifted Magazine. He now lives and works in New York City. David can be reached at davidsgrant27@hotmail.com.

Corporate Porn
a novel by David S. Grant
now available from Silverthought Press

Confidence is at an all-time low.

Project Manager Trevor explains a new computer system, EVOLUTION, to his Vice Presidents, who are more interested in how their ties match than the direction of the company. The problem? Trevor is double crossed by ISOFT, the supplier of the software, and when the key "interface" isn't available, Trevor is fired.

Trevor’s downfall continues as he walks in on his girlfriend cheating on him with his “Best of Porn” music CD playing in the background. Confused and drunk, Trevor inadvertently hires a hit man over the Internet to take care of Jim, the VP of Sales for ISOFT.

Trevor sobers up, lands an Executive Producer job in the adult movie industry, and quickly realizes his mistake. However, the possible hit man, who is only known as "Scorned CEO," doesn't accept cancellations. Ethan (Trevor’s cross-dressing friend) traces The Scorned CEO to South Beach, where Trevor goes in an attempt to stop any incident, along the way receiving early lessons in the adult movie industry. It all leads to a showdown between Trevor, The Scorned CEO, and a script for the ultimate adult movie.

I’d like to thank everyone for the good job they did today.

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Corporate Porn.

Corporate Porn 
a novel by David Grant

Publisher: Silverthought Press

ISBN: 0-9774110-2-8 

208 pages

hardcover: $16.99

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