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Russell Lutz began his publishing career in the 2000s with several short stories, among them "Fall", which won the Best Short Story award in 2005 from "Athens 3004" was part of the anthology volume Silverthought: Ignition in the same year.

He published his first novel, Iota Cycle, in 2006. The tale of interstellar colonization won the DIY Festival award for Best Science Fiction Novel, and a New York Book Festival Honorable Mention for Science Fiction.

Lutz lives and works in Seattle.






S I L V E R T H O U G H T  P R E S S
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a novel by Russell Lutz


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Since the time of Copernicus, we have asked if we were alone in the universe. Now we know the answer:

Not even close.

Astronomer Vanessa Hargrove longs for the days when mankind sent ships like Voyager toward the stars. When she accidentally alerts the galaxy to the presence of Earth, she gets her wish. Thousands of alien species, previously unknown to Earth, populate the galaxy. Many of them come to visit.

Air Force test pilot Terry Youngblood is one of the first to interact with these visitors, transforming him into the military’s leading expert on the tens of thousands of interstellar guests to Earth. But is the task of avoiding interstellar incidents, defusing accidental war-provoking situations, and preparing a defense against possible threats too much for one man?

As a brilliant young engineer and one of the leading authorities on the physics of space travel, Keira Desai is selected to be one of the designers of Earth’s first starship. She sees first hand the marvels that alien technology can accomplish. But such marvels can quickly become horrors when they are not properly understood.

And what of Sylvester, the mysterious snakelike traveler who arrives on Earth to peddle his wares? He helps to cure mankind’s worst diseases and gives Earth the means to watch its stellar neighborhood. But what is his game? Can he truly be trusted?

Leading the United States—and, in fact, the world—in this exciting and dangerous new time is the Department of Off World Affairs. DOWA’s mission is to ensure Earth is ready for the visitors, and that the visitors are ready for Earth.

The Department of Off World Affairs: It's your galaxy.


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The Department of Off World Affairs
by Russell Lutz
Publisher: Silverthought Press

ISBN-10: 0-9815191-7-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-9815191-7-3 

488 pages

hardcover: $22.99 $24.99 + S/H

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