Surprise party
by Ahmed Eladway
forum: Surprise party
speculative fiction for the internet generation.

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Surprise party


      "Taxi! Taxi!" Sarah yelled, waving her hand overhead. For the third time, a cab whizzed past, splashing her sandaled feet. "Ain't this a bad luck? Out of all the days, I forget my umbrella and I can't get a cab to save my life.more than this.i must go home before he get home"

      The rain had touched her blue blouse. Beads of water dripped from the ends of her hair. She gathered her hair into her fist and wrung it , releasing some of the unwanted water. She sat her briefcase on the curbside near her foot and searched for means of shelter. Unfortunately, everything was closed for the day, but on the hottest summer day she ever experienced, the rainfall was a welcomed tease.

      sarah is young lady,25 old.she was in another city for work..she is lawyer,her boss
trust in her and belive that she was born to be lawyer.. sarah is too simple young lady to be noticed,even you walk beside her.u will never notice her.she always wears her simple clothes..blouse,long skirt,sandle her boss used ro tell her to change her style,she is lawyer,the appearance is too important for work...she never accept the change.. today is her boyfriend birthday..he meet Jack three years ago.she fall in love with him, she want give him a surprise party..whie she was on the plan,she planed for it..all she want now is go home and start..

      Sarah stared at the on-coming traffic; in hopes another cab was in the midst of the pack. The faint scent of bread baking drew her immediate attention.She took a deep breath, with fluttering she won in the court,the millionare client is happy, but she can not find a cap for herself..

      "Oh, taxi! Stop!" The yellow vehicle pulled on the side of the road and flashed its occupied sign. "Thank you!" She raced to the back passenger door and hurriedly climbed inside. she get into the cap and sit calm

      "you will tell me your destination?"the driver asked her

      "Take me to 32nd and please"

      "Sure if u will pay."

      " don't worry i will pay good for you"

      "why you are so hurry ,anyway?"

      "it is my boyfriend birthday,i want give him surprise party"

      "i think he know"

      "no, he always forget dates.he does not know that im get back today"

      "where you have been?"

      "it is not your business..are we going to chat? i do not know you,stranger"

      "my name is Goerge,ma'am"

      "i do not care,just drive and be fast.ok?"

      the driver looked at the mirror,like he wanted to kill her with his eyes...

      As the car blended into traffic, Sarah felt a bit woozy. "Shit, I will be late," she thought as she lost her fight against the time.ashamed of her appearance,she get into her memories,beautifull ones.meeting Jack,dating him,three years of love,happiness and sweet times..She is romantic girl,she adore dreaming.sometimes she find the law like stone.she deal with dead words,no soul in it,has no feelings..but she loved to sit on the stone and is just stone for living not more than that.. glorying at the romance. she pushed her briefcase to the far end of the seat,put her head on the seat. She inhaled and closed her eyes, relishing the sweet stench.

      The driver veered the car to the left, causing her to lose her balance and concentration.
"Hey! Be careful please."

      "I'm sorry, Lady. I was avoiding a pothole. You know these aren't the best roads."

      She closed her eyes,and start wasting the taxi time in dreaming,imaginating..the party friends there,her love.sweet time,she does not forget the night and how she will spend it bewteen her love arms,candels are ther only witness on this private night...

      "So what do you do?" he asked.

      "can u drive without chatting please??," she said to the back of his head.

      "Sure, lady, whatever you wish." He slammed the window and replaced his hand on the steering wheel, soon raising the volume on the radio. The commentator announced the score of the Yankees and Mets game.

      She fall in sleep..dreaming....

      Within minutes, the car stopped in front of her apartment building. She handed him some money.

      "keep the change."Sarah said to the driver walk away..get to the buliding door..she have big smile on her mouth..she get in time..she will take fast bath and repair the apartment for the party.she has hour to do it..

      she put the key and opened the door..... suddenly.someone turn the light on... "surpriiise"

      Sarah jumbed from the floor..saying "what?" her boyfriend appered and walk till her..
"while i was thinking bout my birthday,i asked myself,what make me happy?" Sarah asked him"what?

      "seeing this big smile on ur face" and put his finger on her lips he gave her kiss..she went to the bathroom..put some water on her face,looked on the mirror and said to herself

      "why everything i plan for it.can't be like i want"


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Ahmed Eladway:

I am from Egypt, born on May 12,1982. I'm a law student in Almansoura University. I'm a writer and translator with published Arabic works.