The Small Print
by P.S.Gifford
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speculative fiction for the internet generation.

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The Small Print


            Suddenly Jenny's terrified eyes peeled open.

            "Where am I?" She screamed as a lady wearing a white outfit slowly approached her.

            "You have had a car accident dearie." The lady said in a soft, comforting almost familiar tone.

            Jenny attempted to sit up, but the pain in her back made her recoil. Glistening diminutive droplets of perspiration trickled from her forehead and stung her eyes.

            "It so bloody hot in here!" She murmured.

            The nurse just beamed at her. "That's just the fever you have dearie. We are going to have to take a vile of blood if we are going to help you." She smiled reassuringly at Jenny and added. "Just routine you understand dearie-It won't hurt a bit…"

            Jenny grimaced as she had heard that old clichéd line all too often before…She focused her eyes on the name tag pinned neatly upon the ladies white jacket; Lilly.

            Jenny observed powerlessly as Lilly proceeded to take an ominous large needle from its packet, and advance towards her grinning. Her eyes enlarged within their sockets as she watched on in terror as the nurse then reached over her and thrust the needle deep into her arm.

            "Shit!" Jenny shrieked. "Be friggin' careful…that hurt like the Dickens."

            Lilly simply smirked back at her almost mockingly… "Almost over dearie."

            Then she was gone, leaving the bed bound Jenny alone trapped with her thoughts.

            'What the hell happened?' She frantically tried to recollect.

            Suddenly a vague image darted through her memory and she desperately tried to seize it and examine it albeit just the briefest of moments. She closed her eyes and tried to focus upon the scant imagery haunting her mind.

            'Yes, yes I remember now' she almost smiled at the sweet memory. 'Yes, it was a most gorgeous summer day; we were speeding along in my 1976 red MGB. My lover, Brad was in the passenger seat giggling and teasing my hair….We were racing down the mountain road full of life and vigour singing along to the radio. Yes, it is all coming back now. I remember the truck heading towards us. It was going to fast …To fast. It is going to hit us. God help us I had cried I will give anything to live…anything'

            All at once the smile vanished and tears of sorrow trickled down her white cheeks.

            'I remember the screech of brakes and then the sound of smashing steel. I remember the blood…Dear God, how I remember the blood....'

            She opened her eyes to discover Lilly standing over her again.

            "We need your signature miss for us to continue our work."

            Lilly placed the electric bed into a sitting position and Jenny is whirred upright. Then a heavy pen is thrust into her hand, and a short form is positioned in front of her. She tried to focus on the print, but her eyes refuse to co-operate.

            "Just routine miss." Lilly reassured in a very matter of fact tone, "just routine…"

            Jenny signed; she knew that there were always ridiculous amounts of forms in hospital. Suddenly a look of surprise came over her face. "That's weird, the ink is red…" She questioned as her eyes finally began to focus.

            Lilly leans over, placing her now laughing face within inches of Jenny's and hysterically whispered, "oh no, that is not ink, that was just your blood you signed in…Sometimes the person who answers your prayers isn't always who you expect."


The end



copyright 2005 P.S.Gifford.

P.S.Gifford is an Englishman who dreams most of the time and writes occasionally in the heart of the OC California. He does have his own site: