The Tormenter
by Henrick Glutonlumps
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speculative fiction for the internet generation.

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The Tormenter


           Sally studied him lying helpless on the table…She appeared distinctly satisfied with her work, perhaps even smug.

           "I'll show you who the boss is." She whispered out loud, in a strange almost haunting tone. Then she giggled; a sinister evil giggle which echoed ominously throughout the room. Her vibrant blue eyes opened wide and flickered, as she seemed to contemplate her next move. Somewhere in the distance there was the ancient glorious cry of a wolf howling in obvious pleasure… 'Perhaps he is feasting on a tasty fresh rabbit' Sally considered to her self which appeared to only excite her even further. As all at once Sally began to dance. She skipped gleefully and with certain enthusiasm about the table, and as she glided about seemingly effortlessly, almost other worldly she hummed. The more frantic her dancing became the more intensified went the humming. Quicker and quicker still she went, as droplets of sweat began to bead upon her face and forehead… Then abruptly, without any warning she simply stopped, and stood completely still. Her inquisitive eyes began to dart about the room, as if she was in search of something and a wicked, almost unnatural grin manifested it self over her features. Then she began to hop from one foot to another as she spied it; the electric knife.

           'Perfect.' She thought as she allowed her tongue to lick her lips, 'absolutely perfect.'

           She sneered at the still motionless man, still lying silently upon the table. Then she sauntered casually over to the counter and retrieved her prize. She studied it for a few moments, and then she switched it on and the knife buzzed into life, vibrating within her anxious fingers.

           Slowly, deliberately and with evident purpose she tip toed back to the table. Again she grinned, and then all at once she held the knife over the helpless man and forced the vibrating blade downward. Once more she began to giggle uncontrollably, madly, almost hysterically as the knife headed towards her defenceless victim.

           Just then the door unexpectedly sprung open. Sally stopped instantly what she is doing, her face now filled with fear. Sally nervously stared up at the person standing in the door way who was shaking her head sternly in disbelief at the bizarre sight that had greeted her eyes.

           "Sally!" She cried. "I have told you a dozen times before don't torture the gingerbread men…Even if it is your eighth birthday, it is not nice."


The end.




copyright 2005 Henrick Glutonlumps.

Henrick Glutonlumps:
I an aspiring science fiction writer based in California.