Where am I?
by Henrick Glutonlumps
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Where am I?


        My eyes suddenly sprang open and as I regained consciousness I comprehended to my total horror that I was unable to move my arms and legs. I quickly ascertained that I had been tethered and bound to in place as I could feel the harshness of straps cutting into my very flesh.

        "Where the hell am I?" I moaned in desperation. "Who did this to me?"

        I soon became shockingly further aware of the intense heat and my deep longing thirst.

        "How the hell did I get here?" I repeated again as I endeavored in vain to look about me. I was both bewildered and I admit petrified. I struggled desperately to recall where I had been last and how I ended up in such a wicked predicament. All of a sudden I heard a female voice giggling and laughing. The sound was peculiarly unearthly and like none other I had ever heard. The voice came closer and closer still and soon a face was peering down at me in my pathetic and hopeless state.

        "Help me please!" I pleaded gazing straight into her haunting eyes. She was a young woman, delicate and ghostly but yet all too familiar. "It can't be you," I screamed. And my anguish only seeming delighted and agitated her now hysterical giggling.

        "You are dead!" I screamed.

        I smirked to myself smugly as I drifted back into the memory. It had been such a joyous night. I had spied her walking home from the hospital where she worked as a training nurse. She had obviously taken a shortcut and as I looked upon her delicious and tantalizing young body, a deep instinctive primal urge cultivated within the darkest regions of my being. I had trouble enticing her into my van, but eventually she succumbed to my superior strength. I drove her to the most barren regions of the forest I could find. I had never felt more alive than at that very moment. I remembered the soft touch of her flesh as her body shivered and quaked at my fingertips.

        "Do as I ask and you shall live" I had lied to her.

        I shall never forget the look of sheer terror when an hour later I finally reached for my axe. It took well over two hours of hacking to completely get her dead body chopped up sufficiently. I remembered burying her remains with my own bare hands. I started to grin to myself, but it quickly vanished as comprehension of my existing reality returned as I felt a sharp pain in my leg. Uncomfortably lifting my restrained body up for a moment, I saw the source of my pain; a dagger buried deep into my flesh. I watched helpless as my blood began to flow copiously. "You bitch!" I hollered. This was followed by another sharp stab and another and yet another. "Where the Hell am I?"

        I laid there watching powerless to stop her as she gradually carved my body as one might a pumpkin for Halloween. She giggled feverishly and chanted to herself as she skillfully went about her work. The pain was insurmountable and I felt myself losing all reason and sanity. I eventually stopped screaming, and simply prayed for death. After what felt like hours of agonizing torture, and after most of my limbs had been whittled away I gradually felt myself begin to slip away, death was finally beckoning me and I eagerly greeted it. Yes, soon my misery was going to be over. "Almost over, almost over." Became my dying mantra and in the very last moments, I glared up once more straight into the eyes of my tormentor, which were glowing red.

        "Where the HELL am I?"

        Suddenly my memory flooded back. I remembered exactly where I had been. I had been chasing down the river in a raft! I surely remember now. Yes, I had hit a jagged rock and I fallen into the icy water. I remember being submerged and screaming frantically for assistance! Then I hit my head against the sharp rocks, and I felt my skull crack open and discovered that I was unable to breathe. I was helpless as my lungs became flooded by the water. Then there was nothing but a blissful peace. It was over. Death had taken me.

        My eyes suddenly sprang open as I awoke…


The end.




copyright 2006 Henrick Glutonlumps.

Henrick Glutonlumps:
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