The Dentist
by Henrick Glutonlumps
forum: The Dentist
speculative fiction for the internet generation.

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The Dentist


        Harry sat nervously all alone in the silent waiting room. He had just finished an interesting article on the reproduction habits of the Madagascar hissing cockroach in a 1987 edition of National Geographic when the receptionist finally called on him.

        "Mr. Smith, the dentist shall see you now." She spoke in a matter-of-fact tone, never removing the buffer from her nails.

        She gave him a wily stare as he eased up from the chair and replaced the magazine back to the other literary antiques strewn haphazardly over the table in the center of room.

        Harry took a deep breath and marched over to the dark red door. "Why the hell is it red?" he often wondered.

        He went in, combating his desire to run, and sat himself into the chair.

        "Hello, Doctor Brown," Harry chirped in a fruitless attempt to be positive.

        The doctor just looked at him and grunted.

        The dentist was clad, as always, in a long white gown, a face mask and gloves.

        "Looks like he's ready for a bloody slaughter house!" mused Harry to himself and wished straight away that he had not imagined such a vivid and horrid thought.

        "Think of cheerful things, Harry!" he reminded himself, as he watched the dentist slowly walk over to him.

        "Imagine you're sitting on a lovely sunny beach with the misses supping on a lovely glass of Yorkshire best bitter—that's better!"

        The dentist looked down at Harry in the chair. "Broken tooth, eh, Harry? Tch Tch Tch."

        Harry squirmed a little.

        "Going to have to put you out, I'm afraid..." His voice was strangely cold and monotone.

        Harry's eyes opened wider as he watched the dentist take a six-inch needle from a stainless steel drawer by the chair.

        "This is going to hurt you far more than it is going to hurt me…" The dentist muttered the old cliché to the now terrified Harry.

        "But—but I normally get gas!" Harry complained.

        Then in a single thrust, the needle was quickly plunged into Harry's flabby arm.

        "This is going to put you to sleep, Harry..." he declared.

        Harry felt the intense pain as the needle clumsily entered his bloodstream. He instantly began to feel light headed.

        Just as Harry was about to completely lose consciousness, a cupboard at the far side of the office sprung open, and the hacked remains of a body fell out onto the office floor.

        Harry, using the last of his quickly depleting energy, screamed as he recognized the face on the body—Dr. Brown—his dentist.

        Then, with the sound of the hysterical laughing ringing in his ears, Harry passed out.


The end.




copyright 2006 Henrick Glutonlumps.

Henrick Glutonlumps is quite simply a horrid little man. He is short of stature, incredibly fat, and maintains a distinctive permanent foul odour. He does however enjoy writing short little tales.