Oh Those Childhood Games
by Henrick Glutonlumps
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Oh Those Childhood Games


        Sally Jones simply loved playing games. She was your typical bubbly six year old girl, overflowing with the simple joys of life, and today she was dressed in a pink polka dotted summer dress with a matching bow tied neatly in her long blond curly hair... It was a lovely bright May Saturday afternoon, and the aromas of the English country enchanted her. All at once she began to jump up and down with excitement! She spied a bird gaily munching seed from the birdfeeder.

        "I feel like playing doctors and nurses," she proclaimed to the bird, who, startled, flew away to higher limbs for safety…

        Skipping merrily into the kitchen, she picked up the phone, and with her mother smiling sweetly on she called her school friend Jeremy. Inspired by the sound of Sally's sweet voice, Jeremy wasted no time racing his blue BMX bike quickly up the street to her very large house.

        He soon arrived with a big goofy look on his freckled chubby face, and he was a little breathless after pedaling so hard. Sally's mother could not help but laugh at the young man's enthusiasm, and she offered them a pitcher of homemade lemonade and some fairy cakes.

        "Why don't the two of you have a picnic in the back garden?" she said as her eyes twinkled. "It is such a glorious day out there!"

        Sally smiled at her mother and nodded. Then she took the delicious lemonade and cakes, her young eyes sparkling, and led a most enthusiastic Jeremy outside.

        They sat down under the shade of an overgrown willow tree that was situated in the middle of the oversized garden. They eagerly ate and chatted on gaily about nothing in particular. Suddenly Sally took Jeremy's hand and leaned in to whisper into his eager ear…

        "I think it is about time that we play that game I told you about."

        They then got up and laughing, hand in hand, they skipped to the far end of the garden, and to the large shed…

        "This is my special place," she said. "No-one is allowed in here but me… But today I am going to make an exception…"

        They walk inside and Sally locked the door, giggling all the time.

        Jeremy looked surprised that Sally wanted to tie him up but the devilish look in her blue eyes made him finally succumb.

        'This was going to be a very fun game indeed,' he thought.

        Sally just kept smiling at him.

        "Open wide!" she said.

        And just as Jeremy complied, she placed a dirty old tennis ball into his mouth.

        All at once Jeremy began to flail, and he tried to scream. Each time he opened his mouth, the ball lodged farther into the back of his throat.

        "My dad is a very famous surgeon!" Sally said as she pulled an old leather bag from a cabinet.

        "When I grow up I want to be just like him… Can you imagine how excited he is going to be when I transfer your heart with the old dog next door? I am going to be famous."

        Sally opened the bag and pulled out a razor-sharp scalpel as she began to snigger…

* * *

        Two hours later she had finished the operation.

        'I wish poor Jeremy hadn't died,' she thought. 'And there was an awful lot of blood… Still, next time I will get it right. There are still lots and lots of silly boys left in my class…'

        Just then she heard her mother calling for her, and wiping her hands, she skipped contently back into the house.

The end.




copyright 2006 Henrick Glutonlumps.

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