by Andrew Murphy
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It's not easy being an infinite entity. Gulliver's fools - all of you - to wish for eternal life. There is no joy that can spread itself over Time and still be felt. Nothing can be measured against that, and if there is nothing to measure, there is only Nothing.

Nothing incarnate...

Have you ever tried to have a conversation with Nothing? It gets you Nowhere. Have you ever tried to get to Nowhere? It's like looking for Nobody. Have you sever seen Nobody? He looks just like Nothing.

And now you know the only three companions that an infinite entity has.

Can you blame me for Creation?

Creation was the only thing that could've been. You see, Nothing cannot exist after Creation. All I wanted was an escape from eternity.

Can you see why I would?

Wouldn't you want that too?

Can you blame me?

But there was a mistake, it wasn't my fault. You were just made wrong. You didn't really have a choice. Although Choice was always who you blamed it on.

You're all wrong. It was God's fault.

You see, He didn't give you Creation, he merely created you. It was down to me to cause Creation.

Anyone can build a machine, something that always does the same thing over and over - forever; because that's what Nothing does. God created nothing.

What Creation really is, is something that has flaws. Apparently, God saw choice as a flaw - I think He can only Create Nothing. But I Created you.

You're not Nothing because of me.

Can you see why I'd want that?

Wouldn't you have done the same?

Can you blame me?

All your choices, everyone one, is because of me. Because I Created you with Choice. But even better - I blessed you with Death.

You see, the one thing more pitiable than an infinite entity, is an entity just without Death.

An entity without Death can never have any Choice.

Can you see why that's so awful?

Without Choice all you have is Nothing, and he's worse on his own! Without Nowhere and Nobody, Nothing demands attention. He will take all your emotions. He will take all your interest. He will take everything that makes you want to live.

He will take everything and still be hungry.

You see, God is even worse than Nothing. He doesn't have either Choice or Death. God is the Nothing that can take, and has the Will to take, everything. He is the only one that can take Everything. God is the only One. Without one, all you've got is Nothing.

Can you see why I Created other ones?

Wouldn't you have fought like me?

Do you still blame me?

I gave you the apple only because I had no Choice.

I was an infinite entity with Nothing, not even the only One.

You must see how pitiable that is - and how gracious it was for me to keep you from that fate - and how charitable it was for me to keep Nowhere and Nobody with me - and how kind it was for me to give you Death.

You must see how much I love you. And how God never could give you Love - who always needs Choice.

So, my Children, I also gave you Love and Choice.

Please don't blame me.

I'm sorry.

If you can forgive me, sign below.

(Owner of Soul)

PS. This has been a dictation by your Loving Creator, Satan.

Typed courtesy of Beelzebub.



copyright 2006 Andrew Murphy.

Andrew Murphy:

I'm currently eighteen, working in GAME in Bracknell and waiting for my UCAS to go through so I can study psychology at Nottingham University; but I'm somewhat contemplating staying on indefinitely in retail as it's an amazing place to meet and greet society's worst.