Pits of Antholon
by Kimberly Raiser
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Pits of Antholon


I could see the stars from my hole, my pit. It was really the only thing I looked forward to. The days were brutally hot, and all the sound that was heard was the hopeless moaning and crying from the other pits.

The night was a blessing. Partially for the cool, partially for the view, but mostly for the silence. By the time nightfall came, exhaustion ruled the other pits, and no more desperate moans and screams for help had to be tolerated.

The pit was cold and dusty. It reached fifteen feet into the ground, at least. Bars covered the top and water was lowered in pails a few times a day. As for food, on a generous day we were dropped something that didn't remind us of Haggis Dung. I had no blanket, no pillow. I dug holes to place my waste. I was running out of room to dig.

The "Visitors" rounded most of us up in groups, but the few of us that resisted ended up in the Pits. They landed on our planet by surprise. We had no warning. Our technology could not detect their technology. Their ships were totally foreign to us. Their way was totally foreign to us.

I was worried about my family. What would become of them? I couldn't remember how long I had been down here. My only solace had now been filled with dread. The night, my peace, brought more ships. I could hear the rumbles of their landings, the ground quaking like the pit in my stomach. The beautiful streaks across the sky looked as innocent as shooting stars, but they were not. They were colonizing. They were here for good. The night would never be the same. I had no more solace.

I remembered the day they came. It is the only different and unique memory I have prior to my stale existence. My wife was making my favorite dinner. My children were making noise, happy noise. It was a beautiful day, like any other day. I was dreaming of the future, our plans to sail around the world in the boat I would make with the time I took off from work every summer. Those dreams would have to be my solace now. I could not give up hope; I could not abandon my family, my dreams. For now, I would have to find solace in my mind.

* * *

"Captain Williams, Earth has new orders for us," the corporal reported.

"What are they, Corporal?"

"Sir," he hesitated.

"What is it, Corporal?" his tone expressing his impatience.

"We are to eliminate the creatures," he said with regret in his voice. "Earth command says they pose too much of a threat for the colonization process. Code Nero commences at 0600 hours, sir."

The Captain looked out the window of his command ship to the pits. There were miles and miles of them.

"This will be a new day for us, Corporal, a new beginning."




copyright 2007 Kimberly Raiser.

Kimberly Raiser has been published several times with Silverthought Press and continues to be a great fan of this endeavor. She is currently working on a compilation of shorts that will be in print in 2007 titled, "Stranded". Currently her work appears in the print magazine "Outercast", "Bewildering Stories", www.cerebralcatalyst.com, www.anotherealm.com and the antholigies of "Taj Mahal Review".

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