The Anniversary Gift
by Lucretia Randle
forum: The Anniversary Gift
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The Anniversary Gift


           Lisa and Trent had a fairy tale life, or everyone had once thought that. Lisa was the most popular girl all through high schol and college. She was as beautiful as she was intelligent. She had become a writer and returned to her hometown ( she had loved so) after college. Trent was the richest kid in town...and never had to work a day in his life. He went to college (but magored in drunken stupidity) and returned home degreeless to run his family business. At the age of 30 Lisa and trent were married. There had been no real courtship at all, a few high school dances and a few high class functions but no real dating. The town was shocked but content with the marriage. Everyone believed Lisa would settle trent down and hopefully Trent would bring Lisa out of her quiet shell. When in public they were a happy sort of couple...cordial and polite. They hosted social gatherings in their home. All seemed well for the first 10 years.

           As time had gone on Lisa had expressed the desire for children. Trent agreed to try, for 2 years they tried to no avail. It was discovered that trent had become sterile during a childhood illness. Lisa accepted this and for a few years seemed content, she had asked about adoption a few times, but Trent refused to raise someone else's mistake. Lisa began to sink into a horrile depression.

           Things had not been as they appeared to the public...and on Lisa and Trents 25th anniversary the world would know why.

           Every year on their anniversary Trent needed reminding, not once did he remember to bring his lovely wife flowers...or chocolate. His secretary had usually sent something a day late when Lisa had reminded him to late. This year it was going to be differant Lisa said. If he did not remember their anniversary by 6 pm she was walking out and never coming back.

           As the hours creeped slowly past Lisa grew more and more distressed, she had packed a suitcase in her closet as well as a "gift" for her forgetful husband (she knew he would never look in "her" closet). At 5 pm she had had enough waiting and told Trent she had to run to the liquor store on the other side of town for their favorite wine (a subtle hint). Trent just nodded and asked her to bring him a pack of cigarettes too. She stormed out in a huff unbelieving his callous forgetfulness.

           It was an hours drive to the liquor store. Just enough time for the guests to arrive and decorate for his wifes return. He had planned the whole thing months in advance but was surprised she had offered to go to the store, he thought he was going to have to coerce her into leaving, that is why he made sure their favorite wine was not available that day. Everyone they had ever known was going to be there with his biggest surprise ever. He had had his secretary and lawyer arrange for an adoption of a newborn whose mother had died during delivery. The paperwork would have to be enough for tonight, the child would come home the following morning. Trent truly had loved Lisa and he knew he had never really shown her that. He was going to make up for it now.

           Lisa pulled into the liquor store at exactly 6 pm. She looked at her watch and smiled. Suddenly her step grew lighter, her face glowed and she genuinely looked happy. She entered the store, smiled at the clerk and headed for the wine rack far in the back. She was very surprised to find a bottle...wrapped in a purple velvet cloth with a diamond tennis bracelet. Upon closer inspection she sees the card addressed to her. She opens it and reads

           "Lisa, I know I have not been the perfect husband, in fact I have been a louse while you have been the perfect wife.
           Please hurry home with this wine, I have a surprise for you that cannot wait another day.
           Forever Yours,

           Lisa fell to her knees while fire fighters on the other side of town escorted the wounded from what had once been the stately mansion belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Trent D. winthrop the third...Trent was pronounced dead at the scene...apparently he had gone to Lisa's room to set up a crib and layette for his wifes new child and was near the closet as the gift his wife bought him exploded.



copyright 2005 Lucretia Randle.

Lucretia Randle is a mother of four, a wife and a homemaker. She is just recently spreading her wings as an author of short stories. She has mainly written poetry from the age of eight. She was born and raised in upstate New York but now resides in Washington State.

Lucretia is primarily a poet but has recently begun writing short stories. She has her own book of poetry on, she has been included in a poetic anthology also available on lulu and has had one short story published on