Victor Giannini is a 29-year-old author and artist hiding out near Montauk, NY. Holding an MFA in Creative Writing and Literature from Stony Brook Southampton, he currently teaches grades 7-12 in the Young American Writers Program.

Giannini’s been publishing since 1998 but most recently in the anthologies Silverthought: Ignition, Satirica, and Thank You, Death Robot, and literary journals and magazines including The Southampton Review, Carrier Pigeon: Volumes 1 through 7, Other Mag, 400 Words, Italics Mine, The Literary Bone, a lot of weird underground shit, and the legendary Space & Time Magazine. This nut also writes and draws a graphic novel, Skeightfast Dyephun, designs skateboards, lives for martial arts... and teaches tightrope walking, trapeze, unicycling, and knife juggling. He worships cats, sand, the moon, and claims to have seen a unicorn cry.

Most importantly, Giannini’s fiction strives to entertain but also give readers a story where “evil is intelligible, justice is desired, sorrow can be endured, and love remains possible.” Actually, one of his mentors coined that literary mission... so Victor stole the concept and ran. Fast. Very, very, fast.

Victor’s spirit animal is a fire-fox.




S I L V E R T H O U G H T  P R E S S
   independent publisher of speculative fiction


a novella by

Victor Giannini

“Victor Giannini’s Scott Too is fiction of the highest order. Giannini uses his device of confused identities to get at basic questions of what it means to be one’s self, to be human. In spare, restrained prose, he gives us a taut, intense novella, at once mysterious and moving. This is a work of humane imagination.”
—Roger Rosenblatt

“Victor Giannini’s Scott Too is a tour de force that echoes the best speculative fiction of Philip K. Dick and the magical realism of Jose Saramago. In this brilliant short novel, Scott Alvin comes home one day after almost getting killed in a drive-by shooting, to find his double, also named Scott, relaxing on his living room couch, talking to his roommate. Scott struggles to maintain his identity as Scott Too asserts his personality in ways that do not gel with Scott's sense of self. Giannini’s fantastic world forces us to tackle our own questions of identity, responsibility, and free-will. Scott Too ultimately serves as a philosophical mirror, not only for Scott Alvin, but for ourselves.”
—Kaylie Jones


After one strangely normal hug—I never realized I was so bony—and a round of lung-splitting bong hits, we were still alive, and my dead clone was still there. The universe had not eaten itself alive.

Scott Alvin can’t live with himself. Returning home from near death at a drive-by shooting, Scott finds his roommate, Jase, talking to... Scott Alvin. Jase, a burnout pot-dealing tattoo artist, assumes this other Scott must be a twin. No such luck. This Scott Two is something else, and he’s none too pleased with the way that Scott Alvin’s life—or, rather, their life—has gone. Existential ennui has replaced the orgy of their youth far too soon. From skateboarding girl-swooning partier to their current state as stagnant, complacent, baked-out pornography tech gurus, the new Scott Two has plans to change.

The problem for Scott Alvin is that Scott Two has the freedom to do everything they never did. To make radical changes in all aspects. To use Scott’s bed, his clothes, to hang out with his friends, and to go after his lover, all while using his face and not even paying the rent! One thing’s clear—you can only tolerate so much of yourself before things turn nasty. This world just isn’t big enough for two Scott Alvins.

Scott Too by Victor Giannini, magical realism set in Brooklyn, is a novella about living with your "better" self, who just happens to use your stuff, your bed, your girlfriend, and who slowly begins to appropriate your past until you feel like you no longer truly exist. Hey, what can go wrong?


a novella by Victor Giannini

Publisher: Silverthought Press
ISBN: 978-0-9841738-9-1
82 pages
trade paperback: $9.99 + S/H



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