Familiar Voices
by Faye Sizemore
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speculative fiction for the internet generation.

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Familiar Voices


       Nell had no idea what was happening to her.. Things were becoming very strange. Almost unreal..

       She thought she was hearing voices. Not exactly voices, whispers, maybe.. just low enough to be indistinguishable to her ears, sort of like a radio which wasn`t quite on the station, and was playing sad music in the background.

       It was really starting to annoy her. She would catch herself straining so hard to make out the whispers and hear what was being said, that she would develop a blinding headache.

       As the whispers became more frequent, she was losing pace with her everyday life. Nell could hardly concentrate on what she was doing. To carry on a conversation with anyone was almost impossible. Television was out of the question entirely and listening to the radio was also impossible as the whispering became overpowering.

       Nights were the worst. The whispers continued on and on, every night. Nell feared she must be losing her hearing.. or her mind. She decided to see her doctor.

       Dr. Morgan listened very carefully to her story, and then checked her ears. When he could find nothing wrong with them, he suggested a mild tranquillizer. He was told that the voices were accompanied by very low music and even though she could not hear them clearly, they seemed to be very familiar. He then ssured her that he believed the tranquilizers would help.

       Nell went dutifully, and hopefully to the drugstore to fill her prescription, all the while trying to ignore the whispery low voices. She could almost make out what they were saying..

       Several months passed, and it was clear the medicine wasn`t helping at all. There was a pained look on her hollow-eyed face constantly. Her clothes hung on her small frame as she had lost weight. Actually, Nell was looking like a ghost of her former self.

       Finally the day came when an ambulance had to be called to her home. Poor Nell was pronounced dead..

       At the funeral home, Nell`s family and friends stood around her casket, talking in low whispery, respectful voices. They were all so shocked that she had died, at such a young age, so suddenly, of such a mystery illness. Their voices blended with the background music as they comforted one another.

       Nell lay there, peaceful and still, in her satin-lined casket, looking as pretty as she once had, thanks to the skillful mortician. She could hear sad music, muted, and low whispery voices.

       Nell could almost make out what they were saying. She was sure she had heard it all before...


copyright 2006 Faye Sizemore.

Faye Sizemore:

I am an imaginative grandmother, loose with pen in hand ,who just loves a mystery from the unknown.