And Then There Were None..
by Faye Sizemore
forum: And Then There Were None..
speculative fiction for the internet generation.

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And Then There Were None..


       "Ben.. Ben.." The old woman shaded her eyes and squinted into the waning sunlight. "Ben, whar are ya, boy?" With only the two of them left to look out for each other she was getting nervous at his delayed arrival. It would soon be dark.

       Much to her relief, she saw his silhouette coming toward her with his back to the setting sun. "Here Ah am, Granny," he said as he came nearer. He knew how she worried so much lately since the others were taken.

       He leaned the axe by the corner post of the old porch and unshouldered his burden, thick bundle of short sharpened straight locust poles. "There," he said, laughing. "That there should stave 'em off for another night."

       Granny cackled, 'Boy, Ah always loved yore sense 'o humor... Now let's git inside afore it gets real dark an' they start 'acomin'." They entered as the last ray of twilight turned to night. Granny barred the door as Ben strode across the room to light the kerosene lamp.

       As she turned, watching his smiling face in the new lamplight, she then noticed the two new small puncture marks on the side of Ben's neck..

       "Oh Lord, have mercy!" she screamed as she ran for the pile of stakes..

       The slow old woman never even made it halfway.........


copyright 2006 Faye Sizemore.

Faye Sizemore:

I am an imaginative grandmother, loose with pen in hand ,who just loves a mystery from the unknown.