The Awakening
by Faye Sizemore
forum: The Awakening
speculative fiction for the internet generation.

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The Awakening


       He had been sleeping for eons in his tiny body capsule, slipping silently, ever forward through his galaxy and beyond, safe in the belly of their great mother-ship. The noise of the great turbines had been a throbbing lullaby for some time now.

       He stirred, sensing that his awakening time was finally nearing.

       It had been a long, long trip from his birth planet. He could never have dreamed possible just how long it had been... nor did he care.

       His dying planet had packed many spaceships with his kind and sent them off before the terrible destruction caused by the ice... ice freezing so very hard that the planet had finally burst apart in tiny snowflake-like crystals and floated now, as just frigid dust, in the timeless atmosphere of space.

       He was awake enough to hear the mighty engines that would thrust his capsule to its final destination come roaring to life. Opening his screens fully, he sensed that the landing would be on a lush green well watered plant, the third one from the last sun.

       He knew that his kind would find substance at this place. There was plenty of water and light. Water and warmth was the much needed source of life for the things he required for his food sources, such as green growing vegetation and various warm blooded organisms.

       He knew there were thousands of capsules like his about to be launched. He would not be alone and there promised to be be nourishment for all.

       Suddenly it was happening... It was finally happening. He closed his screens and held tight with his tendrils and felt himself flying faster than the speed of light to his desired destination.

       His body capsule burst apart, letting him float gently down through the last few miles of his fantastic journey. He lit in the soft upper branches of a tree high above the jungle floor. The first leaves ingested were agreeable, as were several startled birds and some small tasty monkeys.

       He felt himself growing stronger and with his renewed strength came greater hunger. Oozing to the jungle floor, he found much bigger and tastier organisms to eat.

       After several hours he was sated for a while, sated to the point of being pregnant with thousands of him-selves... thousands even hungrier than he was. For relief he began to moan and sweat and send off his spores to reproduce their own spores even centuries after his first coming and his eventual death.

       This planet would be a wonderful home where all his offspring could eat and reproduce in the wonderful sunlight of this new world and all of them would hail his name. Life was good once again.

       He closed his screens and with his compartments feeling totally filled, he slept the sleep of peace.


copyright 2006 Faye Sizemore.

Faye Sizemore:
I am an imaginative grandmother, loose with pen in hand, who just loves a mystery from the unknown.