He And SHE
by Faye Sizemore
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speculative fiction for the internet generation.

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He And SHE


       The sun was hot upon his back and he stopped to wipe the sweat away.

       It wasn't a day to be digging out here in the sun but the actions of this Saturday demanded that it be done... besides the neighbors would wonder why he was digging out here at night in the dark and he couldn't chance being be discovered.

       It had started out like any other Saturday morning with his wife outlining his chores for the day.

       Never mind that he had worked all week and deserved a day of rest... Oh, no, not HER... Never mind that SHE had sat at home all week while he had toiled.

       The storm windows needing taken down and stored in the garage. The shade side of the house had mildew growing that needed washed off and some leaves from the winter winds were packed up under the bay windows.

       The more SHE talked the more he wished he had stayed at work through the weekend. He had been pretty angry when he had carried the ladder and the hammer around to the first window. SHE was now talking about it being a good time to wash all the windows as he would have the ladder right handy.

       Dang, would SHE ever shut up? He was about at his limit.

       He removed the first storm window and was on his way to the garage when SHE called him again. There was a wasps nest started on the eaves over the kitchen. SHE thought he might as well get that knocked down while he had the ladder handy.

       What would it take to get HER to shut up?? He would pay any amount of money to know.

       He climbed up the ladder once again and took the hammer from his pocket and proceeded to remove the nails holding in the storm window. It was then he heard the buzzing. “Be careful," he heard HER call.

       Dang, didn't she think he had any sense?

       About that time he had to dodge a hornet. It zinged right past his nose, followed by more. He had wobbled and almost fell from the ladder and the hammer slipped from his grip. Looking down he saw HER with HER eyes wide and HER mouth open gazing up at him.

       The hammer was headed on a course straight right between her eyes.

       He closed his so as not to see what he knew the outcome would be.

       That's why he was out here digging in the hot sun. He had to get the body buried before the neighbors came home and started asking where she was. There was no way he could explain it to anyone and have it sound believable. They all knew how he had felt.

       He had never liked her anyway. They all knew that. She was just a nuisance as far as he was concerned.

       He laid the body in the hole and began to refill the hole with dirt. He was almost done when he thought he heard HER voice again...

       He listened. It was HER...

       “Have you got that done yet? Hurry up, before the neighbors get home and discover what you have done to their poor pussy cat by dropping that hammer."

       Dang, he thought. Would SHE never shut up?


copyright 2006 Faye Sizemore.

Faye Sizemore:
I am an imaginative grandmother, loose with pen in hand, who just loves a mystery from the unknown.