Friends For Life
by Max Strange
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speculative fiction for the internet generation.

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Friends For Life



If you're reading this, it means I've gone missing and Mook has recently added a new shrunken head to his collection.

But, let me start from the beginning, back when I was still stupid enough to believe that I could trust you.

You and me, we were so geeked that day we finally got the Insta-Door working!

And Belinda!

Man, when I told that Freaky-Girl what you and me had planned and that she would soon be livin' a life of luxury, . well, let's just say I slept good that mornin'.

_Real_ good.

It was gonna be so easy with the Insta-Door.  Me and my best-bud would just stroll into Belinda's
sugar-daddy's treasure room and relieve the cocky geezer of a few of his "special acquisition" toys.

Freaky-Girl, her own self, volunteered to disappear that night's security tape.

Remember how the geezer'd gotten himself so upset that he'd popped a vein or two and croaked?


But, Pookie, man, you shouldn't of let that Freaky-Girl talk you into going back over there for the jewelry the geezer had given her!  You both should've let his old lady keep the stuff!

You almost blew it for both of us!

I mean, really, you dope, instead of using the Insta-Door to slip into the old broad's boudoir safe,
you could've gone back into the geezer's trove and gotten some more of the good stuff!

Couldn't you?

Man, we've been runnin' together since before we started crawlin'.  So, I know you ain't devious enough to leave some of the old broad's stuff in my place and tip the cops about it.

Freaky-Girl's got skills; makes a man forget how smart she is . sometimes .

I should know.

Anyway, this note's just to let you know that I forgive you, bro.

No hard feelins'.

Business is business.

By the way, while you and Freaky-Girl where hiding the Insta-Door prototype, I ducked the cops long enough to clean out the geezer's play-room with my spare and arrange for my very convincing fake demise.

Sorry about not telling you about the back-up Insta-Door, but when you've been hangin' with Belinda
as long as I have, you learn to watch your back and to cover your tracks.

Well, it's been real.

Mook's at your door, now.

You should be feelin' the effects of the poison coatin' this sheet of paper.  Mook's gonna burn and
flush it before he leaves. Don't be too mad at him.  He owes me a favor.

Your and Belinda's heads will make Mook a good, matching set.




copyright 2005 Max Strange.

Max Strange:
Max Strange is an empty-nester currently living in Metro Atlanta Georgia.  She says she's been wrestling with the real world for the past couple of years and wasn't writing.  She's had stories, poems and/or art published in Neophyte, Dream People, Dream Zone, Knightmares, sidereality, Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens, Testament of Lael, Heliocentric Net, muse apprentice guild and Dust Devil.