Backdoor to Mars
by Max Strange
forum: Backdoor to Mars
speculative fiction for the internet generation.

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Backdoor to Mars


          I figure them Martians saw us comin an pulled down the shades.

          They hide so good is why nobody believes they exist.

          Nobody but me.

          Talkin to folks aint done a whole lotta good.

          Most pulled their siditty smirks in so tight they couldn't help but pop out in their eyes when I tried to explain why I'm so sure bout them Martians.

          Said that if I could show them a real Martian, then they'd believe me.

          Some just went head on an laughted outright.

          Them I figure if a Martian should walk up to any one of them an blow up their noses, they'd still manage to find ways to doubt.

          But they do got a point.

          That part bout me catchin a Martian an all.

          I figured it'd take somebody like me, what knows from my tip tops to my toes that them Martians is there just tucked away real good, to prove to the rest that them Martians is real.

          So, went an freed myself up.

          Lightened my load and hit the road.

          Ended up here.

          Folks back home they shake their heads.

          They figure I done finally bottomed out.

          But I know better.

          I done cloaked myself in rags and bide my time heaped in with this here blue world's refuse.

          Aint no better disguise, nowhere.

          Cuz these people here they work hard at not seeing me and the others.

          I figure to just wait til they finally begin to check out their next door neighbor sho nuff.

          Then, while them Martians is a-peekin out and got their full attention on what all their uninvited vistors're doing, that's when I'll slip into one of their hidey spots, grab hold to a Martian or two, an slide on out real quick like.

          I figure maybe then, I can go home.




copyright 2005 Max Strange.

Max Strange:
Max Strange is an empty-nester currently living in Metro Atlanta Georgia.  She says she's been wrestling with the real world for the past couple of years and wasn't writing.  She's had stories, poems and/or art published in Neophyte, Dream People, Dream Zone, Knightmares, sidereality, Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens, Testament of Lael, Heliocentric Net, muse apprentice guild and Dust Devil.