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Praise for David LaBounty:

"The Perfect Revolution shines brightest in its details—a picture of suburban totalitarianism so complete you can smell the rotting garbage on the front lawn of the American dream... LaBounty brings to speculative fiction a well-needed dose of humanism. After a decade of men in long black trench coats saying things like ‘whoa’ and shooting guns you only see in movies, it's nice to see characters with real flaws, real families, and real fears."
                        —Mark R. Brand, Red Ivy Afternoon

"LaBounty's writing has that rare touch of irony and reality within a speculative fiction world. His gift lies in his human touch as he writes about our foibles and idiosyncrasies."
                        —Becci Noblit Goodall, Chaise







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by David LaBounty
(written as Oscar Deadwood)
author of The Trinity

[Click to read excerpts from The Perfect Revolution:
March 11 | March 19 | April 27 | May 15]

"Maybe I'm not a murderer, maybe I'm just a survivor with crappy luck."

All Benjamin Benson ever wanted to be was a writer. Forced to leave college in the midst of an economic depression, Benson joins the Army and is stationed in Iraq. A mediocre soldier at best, he finds himself poised on the border between Iran and Iraq, preparing to invade Iran, when his unit—and every other unit in a thinly spread Army—receives orders to withdraw to Baghdad. Amid mass confusion and uncertainty, Benson finds himself flying back to America, reluctantly participating in a coup d'etat spearheaded by the Perfect Soldiers, seemingly invincible robot warriors commanded by General Prescott, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the architect of The Perfect Revolution.

Upon returning to the States, Ben finds himself meritorously promoted at a furious pace, but his promotions come with a deep and deadly moral cost. As he patrols the streets of his devastated country, Benson is forced to confront the truth behind his meteoric rise to power and his complicity in the wholesale slaughter of innocents that is the real aim of The Perfect Revolution.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: David LaBounty, poet and novelist, lives in Royal Oak, Michigan with his wife and two sons. His poetry has appeared in numerous journals, and his debut novel, The Perfect Revolution (written as Oscar Deadwood), was released by Silverthought Press in 2006. His second novel, The Trinity, was published by Offense Mechanisms in 2007.

by David LaBounty

(written as Oscar Deadwood)
Publisher: Silverthought Press
ISBN-13: 978-0-9774110-3-0
220 pages
$13.99 $18.99 + S/H

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