A Match Made In Hell
by Steve Wilkins
forum: A Match Made In Hell
speculative fiction for the internet generation.

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A Match Made In Hell


           In most people's eyes, Lovely Lisa rocked the big one. Game over. The most beautiful girl in school. Little miss popular. You either wanted to be with her or be her.

           But in Lisa's eyes, she didn't rock the big one. She sucked the big one.

           In fact, in Lisa's eyes she sucked the big red one. The big fiery red one.

           And now she stood, facing her front door, as she watched His shadow descend on the world she had made her own.

           It began with three knocks.

           Knock. Like the plea of a wanting child.

           Knock. Like a muffled cry from inside a buried coffin.

           Knock. Like a scream in a cathedral.

           She knew. Even at that point she had known. But still she had waited.

           Knock knock. Who's there?

           A breeze slipped under the door. Lisa felt cold air wisp around her ankles, stroking and coaxing at her skin. She instantly recoiled, lifting each foot off the ground one by one, as if to outwit the ghostly intruder.

           "No way. You are not doing this to me!" She ran back and stumbled, landing in an ungainly mess on the hall floor.

           She looked up at the door. It was now as the colour of night.

           "It's your destiny," a voice echoed in her head.

           "Fuck off you bastard! NO!!"

           And so it started.

           She fought Him for seven days.

           She didn't let Him in. He kept knocking. She kept saying no.

           Finally, the knocking stopped and was replaced by something much, much worse….

           He said, " Lisa? Oh Lisa? You can't fight Me forever. You will let Me in. You have to let Me in. You know that." The voice was cold and yet inviting, chilling and yet soothing.

           Lisa mustered up all her courage and sneered back at the darkness. "I know who you are and I know I will never bow to you!"

           He laughed then. This was a laugh that could shatter worlds.

           "But you already have, my love. You escaped from Me once. Did you really think I would let that happen again? We are bound, you and I"

           A tremor started in the pit of Lisa's stomach.

           "I offered you Dominion. You grasped it with your greedy little hands and took it with all the eagerness of a playful child. I gave you this world. Without Me you are nothing. How have I wronged you, my love?"

           Quietly, Lisa whispered, "Leave me alone…"

           "Give Me back what is mine and I shall leave you."

           Lovely Lisa listened to His voice and suddenly knew what she had to do.

           "Take it," she said.

           The shadows shifted, uncomfortable in their gloom.

           But He didn't answer.

           Slowly and painfully, Lisa stood up.

           "You can't, can you?"

           She pulled herself upright, straightened her clothes, smoothed down her hair and said, "You really can't, can you?"

           Again the shadows moved, scurrying away, afraid and uncertain.

           "GIVE ME WHAT IS MINE!"

           His voice was like thunder. Anger like she had never heard.

           But suddenly she wasn't scared any more.

           The Destroyer Of Worlds? She started to laugh. It started as a giggle. That turned into a chuckle. That became a guffaw. That ended in hysterical, maniacal laughter.

           "So Louis, can I call you that?" she managed between fits "Big Red? Darkness Personified? Everything Unholy? " She was now laughing uncontrollably, curled up, clutching her stomach.

           "And yet you can't take this small thing I am carrying inside me, can you? You can't just rip it from my womb…it needs me to nurture it. Love it. To fulfil it's destiny, it's needs its mothers love. Its mothers Earthly love."

           A deep rumble started the shake the foundations of her soul. She knew He was desperate now.

           Her laughter subsided and she slowly stood upright. She grinned at the door and it's now silent visitor.

           "Bye bye"

           Lisa then turned and walked up the stairs behind her. She stopped at the top stair and spun around to face the door.

           "You are not going to win. This is my life. Whatever I am. Whoever I choose to be. You can't take back time. I am now what I shall forever be. I was wrong to think anything else."

           And with that she toppled forward.


           The very core of the Earth shook with His voice. The air grew thick with His desperation.

           And still Lisa fell. She hit the first step and fell headlong into the next. Over and over she fell, tumbling, tumbling, down and still further down. With each bruise, each broken bone, she kept smiling.

           As her broken body hit the floor, He gave out an almighty roar that cascaded around the world. Earthquakes, plague and disease ravaged the planet. Tens of thousands were killed.

           And Lisa lay, dying. She knew what she had done. She grieved for the dead. She grieved for the dying.

           And she grieved for her unborn child.

           But she knew she had beaten Him. Where she would go from here, she had no idea. She hoped it wasn't down…

           And with that Lovely Lisa's crumpled body gave one last desperate breath and died.

           And the shadows gave up their positions and slithered off to wherever shadows go when darkness recedes.

           And He left Dominion.


           And waiting.



copyright 2005 Steve Wilkins.

Steve Wilkins has been published numerous times on weirdcrap.com and also at quill.pen magazine.