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Timothy Dune is hounded, haunted, and cursed in Victor Giannini's thrilling new novel, and we are breathless in his wake. But Counselor is more than a wild verbal ride. Under the fury of the pace lies a sustained criticism of modern America and a moral conclusion that could be reached only by an observant, serious mind. This is an important piece of work.

—Roger Rosenblatt

Victor Giannini’s Counselor presents a compelling, apocalyptic vision of Long Island in this account of a single day in the life of his memorably impaired hero. Giannini summons a fascinating cast of characters, and the world they inhabit is bleak, demoralized, brutish, but it is also, impressively, a world into which good-hearted Timothy Dune brings love, thoughtfulness, hope, even a love of literature. Counselor will confirm any reader’s worst suspicions about what the future may hold for the East End of Long Island, but it will also linger in the mind.  The novel signals a bright career for Giannini, whose vision for this nightmarish world is strangely, unsettlingly beautiful.

—Robert Reeves


Every villain thinks they’re a hero.  

Tonight, Timothy Dune must be both.

This is a night of secrets, of vengeance, of plots revealed and lost loves found.  This is a world on fire, where war is forever, dark forces no longer need to hide, and a lost generation struggles to find purpose amidst the collapse. 

In the suburban ruins of Sponge Island, once an American paradise, the devils run.  Tim has watched his idyllic home decay into a gentrified vista of private estates for vapid, hungry outsiders.  His idealistic young soul disintegrates as he slowly loses everyone he loveshis father, swallowed by the poisoned oceanhis mother, victim of a broken heartand then his girlfriend Tracy, to an overdose… or maybe suicide.  

Survivor’s guilt is only compounded by Tim’s belief that a childhood curse is the cause of all this loss and torment.  After offending an unknown, alien god, he was doomed to spread chaos and death to anyone he loves.

Years later, he’s broken, angry, and alone.  Barely clinging to sanity, a dormant sense of loyalty keeps Tim functioning, alive without a life.  The Curse strikes again, sparing him but striking at Barry Cameron, his closest friend and Tracy’s older brother.  But this time, Tim can defy fate.  

To save Barry, he must fulfill a wish that will destroy their friendship forever.  Too broken to live, but too angry to die, Tim summons his last shreds of honor to save Barry, himself, and Tracy’s legacy, no matter the cost.  

But success demands help from dangerous friends and foesJulio, a one-eyed, psychotic genius, a local legend on a secret mission involving Tim’s childhood nemesis, Lucas Boil, a sadistic veteran who delights in tormenting Tim’s fraying mind.  Tonight, Tim must be hostage to weird strangers, trusting liars, gazing beyond the veil into the cosmos, facing the gods who ruined his life.  Julio’s own mission leads him further from Barry but closer to a redemption he’s run from since Tracy’s death.  

Counselor, a new novel by Victor Giannini, is a raw journey into the human heart.  Reality bends to the point of breaking as the gang fights toward a new nightmarish dawn.  

This is the devil’s run, and it demands a sacrifice.  Can Tim save his friends, when forced to choose which ones must die?




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Counselor by Victor Giannini - limited edition hardcover
Limited to 100 copies signed and numbered by the author

Publisher: Silverthought Press
ISBN: 978-0-9970103-1-2
420 pages
limited edition signed and numbered hardcover: $24.99
+ S/H

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Counselor by Victor Giannini - trade paperback edition

Publisher: Silverthought Press
ISBN: 978-0-9970103-0-5
420 pages
trade paperback: $14.99 + S/H

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