Praise for David LaBounty:

"The Perfect Revolution shines brightest in its details—a picture of suburban totalitarianism so complete you can smell the rotting garbage on the front lawn of the American dream... LaBounty brings to speculative fiction a well-needed dose of humanism. After a decade of men in long black trench coats saying things like ‘whoa’ and shooting guns you only see in movies, it's nice to see characters with real flaws, real families, and real fears."
                        —Mark R. Brand, Red Ivy Afternoon

"LaBounty's writing has that rare touch of irony and reality within a speculative fiction world. His gift lies in his human touch as he writes about our foibles and idiosyncrasies."
                        —Becci Noblit Goodall, Chaise

Also available from Silverthought Press:

The Perfect Revolution by Oscar Deadwood
The Perfect Revolution
by David LaBounty
(written as Oscar Deadwood)

O F F E N S E | M E C H A N I S M S
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——T H E——

by David LaBounty
author of The Perfect Revolution

"LaBounty has a knack for taking his readers inside the heads of his characters, where the concepts of Good and Evil fade unsettlingly to the background, replaced by Fear and Desire. That's not always a pleasant place to be, but it is always fascinating."
                                                                        —Russell Lutz, Iota Cycle

Chris Fairbanks is a lonely young man who joins the Navy in search of travel, adventure, and women—but mostly to escape his lower middle-class existence, his loveless family, and to find some meaning in his otherwise meaningless life. The Navy sends Chris to a small communications base in Scotland, where he is befriended by a disillusioned Catholic chaplain, Father Alexander Crowley. Crowley joined the Navy for his own sinister reasons—including his desire to incite a race war that will consume the world.

Blinded by his search for friendship and acceptance, Chris reluctantly finds himself drawn into Crowley's white supremacist group and his alcohol-fueled plans for genocide. After realizing the depths of Crowley's madness and struggling with his own complicity in this reign of terror, Chris appeals to his chain of command. Met with indifference and disbelief, he takes matters into his own hands, leading The Trinity to an apocalyptic and fiery end.

Set against the turbulent backdrop of the Cold War and the pastoral beauty of eastern Scotland, The Trinity is a contemplative exploration of the complexity of human evil.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: David LaBounty, poet and novelist, lives in Royal Oak, Michigan with his wife and two sons. His poetry has appeared in numerous journals, and his debut novel, The Perfect Revolution (written as Oscar Deadwood), was released by Silverthought Press in 2006.

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by David LaBounty
Publisher: Offense Mechanisms, an imprint of Silverthought Press
ISBN-10: 0-9774110-7-9
ISBN-13: 978-0-9774110-7-8
376 pages
paperback: $18.99 + S/H

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