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Hello and welcome to Silverthought's tenth year as a fully armed and operational battle station. I won't waste time this month waxing eloquent or waning gibbons about the significance of our tin anniverary, but I will let you in on some developments that certainly are exciting to me and may or may not certainly be exciting to you.

Books, books, books. They're everywhere these days, so I've decided to publish a few. First up this year is a novella by David S. Grant, Bliss, the prequel to Bleach/Blackout. A wooden leg figures prominently in this transgressive high school adventure. Bliss will be Silverthought's first e-book-only publication. I continue my efforts to convert much of the back catalog to e-book formats, but reading books on an electronical screen kills my eyes. Somewhere there is an intense irony. Anyway, you can expect Bliss to hit virtual bookshelves in February.

Silverthought has had an imprint or two in its day, including the oft-misunderstood and much-maligned Offense Mechanisms division, which covers the transgressive/experimental/leftover side of things, but we just don't have an imprint for genres like plain old, you know, fiction. And non-fiction. And poetry. Good old fashioned non "genre" genres. So within the next few months you'll see the debut of our latest imprint, Elm Ridge Books, which will accept submissions of literary fiction, poetry, and even some non-fiction. I'm thrilled to announce that Elm Ridge's first publication will be a collection of poetry by a familiar-name-around-ST David LaBounty, who has truly found his calling--and his following--in the world of poetry. More details to follow.

I'm also chuffed--to steal a turn of phrase--to announce that Silverthought will be publishing Drink for the Thirst to Come, a collection of short fiction by Lawrence Santoro. In this update, Lawrence joins ST editor Mark Brand and Davis Schneiderman, author of Drain, for Breakfast with the Author: Episode 3.

Vampires. Yes, the V word. Not V, the crappy ABC crappy crap crapfest, but the V word. Doesn't make sense? Read "Night Trial" by Russell Lutz, the winner of the Silverthought Sparkly Vampire Jamboree contest. I didn't hate it. Nor did I hate "Charlie Makes His Way" by Peggy McFarland or "Revenant" by Dan Kopcow, both entries to our vampire contest that I've included here for your reading enjoyment. I was shocked and awed at how very little I hated these vampire stories, and I may in fact have to have another vampire contest sometime soon. But probably not, since the last time I said I hated vampires on Facebook, I lost at least five friends. I can't afford to lose more or my Farmville crops will die or something.

Give a warm Silverthought welcome to David Bastin, Georgina Kamsika, and Deanna Knippling. Who are these people? Well, besides each having very interesting names, they are each very interesting writers, and I have included their short fiction in this update.

Also included in this update is an interview Mark Brand conducted with Jim Bainbridge, the author of Human Sister, a book that, if you've not already read it, you should. Really. It's our latest release, and it's a beautiful hardcover, and it's a heartbreaking story, and this interview reveals at least a little of the precision and depth and intricacy of the story. Human Sister is available now from Silverthought Press.

So yes, our tenth year begins with some super awesome developments and will continue with even more as soon as I'm authorized to reveal the details to the world. Thank you to everyone who has supported us the last decade. Check out our newly remodeled forum and join us on Facebook and Twitter and all those stupid social media things that weren't around when we started.



Publisher: Silverthought Press
ISBN: 978-0-9841738-2-2
338 pages
jacketed hardcover:
$24.99 $19.99 + S/H

H U M A N  S I S T E R
a novel by Jim Bainbridge

"Jim Bainbridge’s novel, Human Sister, is a fast-paced, exciting, and beautifully-written account of an all-too-possible, near-future world in which the ethics and choices of humanity are put to the test. The novel is deceptively easy reading—I say “deceptive” because the plot is intense and the writing smooth—but underneath, the book is anchored by complex philosophical and ethical questions, complex characters, and the power of new and innovative ideas. Human Sister takes science fiction into literary territory that it too seldom visits: a place where well-developed characters emerge with sparkling originality through sensuous language and imagery."

—Laura Pritchett, author and winner of the PEN USA Award, the Milkweed National Fiction Prize, and the WILLA Fiction Prize.

Read excerpts: excerpt 01 | excerpt 02
Click to purchase your copy from Silverthought Press.


I N T E R V I E W S :

Breakfast with the Author: Episode 3
by Mark R. Brand
Mark R. Brand interviews
Lawrence Santoro and Davis Schneiderman.
view | discuss

an interview with Jim Bainbridge
by Mark R. Brand
Editor Mark R. Brand interviews Jim Bainbridge, author of Human Sister, now available from Silverthought Press.
read | discuss


C O N T E S T   W I N N E R :

Night Trial
by Russell Lutz
Winner of the Silverthought Sparkly Vampire Jamboree Contest.
read | discuss

Honorable Mention:

Charlie Makes His Way
by Peggy McFarland
Charlie is trying to make his way in the world, even though he doesn't posses his ancestor's spelling skills.
read | discuss

by Dan Kopcow
A suicidal man's thoughts circle around the question of his shaving when he has no reflection.
read | discuss


E X C E R P T S :

an excerpt from Bliss
by David S. Grant
An excerpt from the novella Bliss, available in February from Offense Mechanisms.
read | discuss


S H O R T   F I C T I O N :

The Glass Islands of the Okavango
by David Bastin
In his writings, Ken Wilber talks about integrating "the Big Three"—the value spheres of art, morals, and science, aka the Beautiful, the Good, and the True. The Glass Islands of the Okavango aims to exemplify how doing this might be accomplished.
read | discuss

Our Fathers' Eyes
by Georgina Kamsika
A young girl with unwanted gifts needs to win back the love of her father, despite the forces massed against her, including those who should be protecting her.
read | discuss

The Business that Must Be Conducted in the Dark
by DeAnna Knippling
Sexbot Annalise must find a way to break free of her programming before it forces her to recapture her beloved master after his escape.
read | discuss


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