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This update includes short fiction by Bryan Carrigan, Alexandra Fresch, M.R. Jordan, David McAodha, and Curtis Waugh, an excerpt from Silverthought's upcoming print and digital release Suicide Sons by Michael Gold, and a new episode of Breakfast with the Author in which Mark R. Brand interviews James Tadd Adcox and Rebekah Silverman.


Suicide Sons
a novel by Michael Gold

ISBN: 978-0-9841738-8-4
388 pages
trade paperback:
$9.99 $8.99+ S/H
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A bitter conflict fought for nearly three millennia between two ancient religions reaches a critical turning point in modern day New York City as the exiled devotees of each way of life embark on desperate missions of vengeance fueled by a hatred spanning a hundred generations. Suicide Sons by Michael Gold, available now for pre-order from Silverthought Press, is a savage indictment of those who would kill the innocent in the name of their gods.

I N T E R V I E W S :

Breakfast with the Author: Episode 6
by Mark R. Brand
Mark R. Brand interviews James Tadd Adcox and Rebekah Silverman


E X C E R P T S :

an excerpt from Suicide Sons
by Michael Gold
An excerpt from the novel Suicide Sons, coming in July 2012 from Silverthought Press.

Alienated from virtually everything that surrounds him, Akeyde Kletser has to decide if he is willing to commit suicide—and take hundreds of others with him—for the sake of his religion and his tribe. Akeyde is given a suicide vest and a windbreaker to carry out the mission. He’s trained to be a perfect weapon of mass murder... Except he’s not.

Razvarr Abatut, a Kawidtodian immigrant to America, is also having a little trouble fitting in. He wants to go back to his country, but a police state stands in his way. So he plans a violent strike at the heart of the regime, even though he’s thousands of miles away from Kawidtodia

Akeyde and Razvarr will smash into each other, even though neither of them knows it.

[read excerpt]


S H O R T   F I C T I O N :

According To Plan
by Bryan Carrigan
It was his job to make it look like an accident.


Fungal Dreams of Xerxes Sigma
by Alexandra Fresch
Three scientists, sent on a routine survey mission, crash-land on the remote planet of Xerxes Sigma. One lies unconscious, in critical condition. Another, the ship's captain, falls prey to an alien sickness. The last tries to keep his comrades alive and continue their mission as they wait for rescue, recording his scientific findings and personal experiences—even as he struggles with strange, unwanted feelings for his captain that grow stronger by the day.


The Color of Sunshine
by M.R. Jordan
Nothing interrupts life like the death of a child. James is trying to move on, but his wife won't let him.


Hot Tin
by David McAodha
On an unusually chill summer night, two vagrants in a desolate alley warm themselves by a fire in a steel drum. Neither is who he seems. Little is in Oldport, a troubled coastal town in the Northwest of Ireland, a place rife with death, despair, and mental decay, a township commonly billed by the newspapers as "a focal point of national social decline."


The Thing in the Corner
by Curtis Waugh
Jake, a troubled man with an even more troubled family past, after being captured by a middle-class, suburban woman, gets slowly fed upon by a creature shrouded in darkness. During his internment, Jake must come to terms with who he used to be as well as his current situation.


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