S I L V E R T H O U G H T : R E L E A S E S

Since 2005, Silverthought Press has released thirteen print novels and three anthologies of short fiction. In addition to critical praise, Silverthought publications have been honored by competitions such as the Independent Publisher Book Awards, the DIY Book Festival Awards, and the New York Book Festival Awards.

To view information about Silverthought's publications, including synopses, sample chapters, media kits and purchase information, click the links below.

C U R R E N T L Y  A V A I L A B L E:

Silverthought: Ignition, edited by Paul Hughes

Corporate Porn by David S. Grant

Broken: A Plague Journal by Paul Hughes

The Perfect Revolution by Oscar Deadwood

Iota Cycle by Russell Lutz

Red Ivy Afternoon by Mark R. Brand

A Dark and Deadly Valley, edited by Mike Heffernan

Exposed! by Mike Heffernan

The Trinity by David LaBounty

Chaise by Becci Noblit Goodall

Bleach | Blackout by David S. Grant

Tales from the Kodiak Starport by Justin Oldham

Bukkakeworld by Mike Philbin

Planet of the Owls by Mike Philbin

The Department of Off World Affairs by Russell Lutz


U P C O M I N G  R E L E A S E S

The following books are scheduled for release by Silverthought in 2009:

Thank You, Death Robot, edited by Mark R. Brand

How It Ends by Scott Lyerly

The Damnation of Memory by Mark R. Brand


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