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This update includes short fiction by C.R. Esaryk, Steven Grassie, R. A. Harris, Regan W. H. Macaulay, and Samuel Piccone, interviews with Michael Gold, author of the Silverthought Press release Suicide Sons, and Jim Bainbridge, author of the Elm Ridge Books poetry collection Cloud-Glazed Mirror, a new episode of Breakfast with the Author in which Mark R. Brand interviews Patrick Somerville and Kyle Beachy, and an excerpt from the upcoming horror novel The Mills.


a novella by Victor Giannini

Publisher: Silverthought Press
ISBN: 978-0-9841738-9-1
82 pages
trade paperback: $9.99 + S/H

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“Victor Giannini’s Scott Too is fiction of the highest order. Giannini uses his device of confused identities to get at basic questions of what it means to be one’s self, to be human. In spare, restrained prose, he gives us a taut, intense novella, at once mysterious and moving. This is a work of humane imagination.”
—Roger Rosenblatt

“Victor Giannini’s Scott Too is a tour de force that echoes the best speculative fiction of Philip K. Dick and the magical realism of Jose Saramago. In this brilliant short novel, Scott Alvin comes home one day after almost getting killed in a drive-by shooting, to find his double, also named Scott, relaxing on his living room couch, talking to his roommate. Scott struggles to maintain his identity as Scott Too asserts his personality in ways that do not gel with Scott's sense of self. Giannini’s fantastic world forces us to tackle our own questions of identity, responsibility, and free-will. Scott Too ultimately serves as a philosophical mirror, not only for Scott Alvin, but for ourselves.”
—Kaylie Jones


by Michael Gold

Publisher: Silverthought Press
ISBN: 978-0-9841738-8-4
388 pages

trade paperback | Kindle edition

the poetry of Jim Bainbridge

Publisher: Elm Ridge Books, a Silverthought Press imprint
ISBN: 978-0-9841738-7-7
82 pages

trade paperback | Kindle edition

I N T E R V I E W S :

Breakfast with the Author: Episode 7
by Mark R. Brand
Silverthought editor Mark R. Brand interviews Patrick Somerville and Kyle Beachy

an interview with Michael Gold
by Mark R. Brand
Silverthought editor Mark R. Brand interviews Michael Gold, author of Horror House Detective and Suicide Sons, now available from Silverthought Press

an interview with Jim Bainbridge
by Becci Noblit Goodall
Silverthought associate editor Becci Noblit Goodall interviews Jim Bainbridge, author of Human Sister and Cloud-Glazed Mirror, now available from Elm Ridge Books


S H O R T   F I C T I O N :

For the Plight of Its Children
by C.R. Esaryk
A mother and son flee the city, where Web-culture festers. They confront themselves and each other in their journey through the Tunnels.


Dirty Bits
by Steven Grassie
More and more, technology is simultaneously pulling us apart and yet pushing us—or versions of us—together.


Genesis in a Post-mortem Society
by R. A. Harris
In a society based on an arborescent image of thought, our narrator possesses bizarre concepts of sexuality, politics, and metaphysical purpose in life.

The Institute
by Regan W. H. Macaulay
Hell's administrator has an unusual sense of humor when it comes to self-fulfilling punishment.


Consultation with Torch
by Samuel Piccone
The dictator of a post-apocalyptic world controlled with pharmaceutical weaponry interrogates two brothers who attempted to escape the globe-spanning city.

N O V E L   E X C E R P T :

an excerpt from The Mills
by Paul Hughes
In this excerpt from the upcoming horror novel The Mills, a janitor has just clocked in at work at a utility company when reports of widespread, simultaneous terrorist attacks begin to come in. The company linemen invite him to follow their convoy north so he can get home safely.


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